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ComDeX prototype API and current State of the implementation

We believe that the ComDEX prototype as it is in its current form, can be the start of a much more ambitious platform. Firstly, as NGSI-LD is a technology that is still evolving with new features being added at a pace that is difficult to keep up with, it would take a lot of resources to end up with a fairly compliant platform to the latest NGSI-LD specification, but we believe that it is something that a future version of ComDEX could take more seriously into consideration.

Below is the list of implemented ngsi-ld equivalent commands in the ComDeX prototype.

Core- Entities API: Implemented
POST /entities Yes
GET /entities Yes
- id Yes
- type Yes
- idPattern Yes
- attrs Yes
- q Yes
- csf equivalent
- georel Yes
- geometry Yes
- coordinates Yes
- geoproperty Yes
- geometryProperty Yes
- lang No
- scopeQ No
- limit (pagination) Yes
- options No
GET /entities/{entityId} Yes
DELETE /entities/{entityId} Yes
PUT /entities/{entityId} No
PATCH /entities/{entityId} Yes
POST /entities/{entityId}/attrs/ Yes
PATCH /entities/{entityId}/attrs/ Yes
PATCH /entities/{entityId}/attrs/{attrId} Yes
DELETE /entities/{entityId}/attrs/{attrId} Yes
PUT /entities/{entityId}/attrs/{attrId} No
Core- Entities Operations API: Implemented
POST /entityOperations/create Yes
POST /entityOperations/upsert Yes
POST /entityOperations/update Yes
POST /entityOperations/delete Yes
POST /entityOperations/query No
Entity Discovery API:
GET /types No
GET /types/{type} No
GET /attributes No
GET /attributes/{attrId} No
Subscriptions API [MQTT instead of HTTP]: Implemented
Subscription - id Yes
Subscription - type Yes
Subscription - name Yes
Subscription - description Yes
Subscription - entities Yes
Subscription - watchedAttributes Yes
Subscription - notificationTrigger Yes
Subscription - timeInterval Yes
Subscription - q Yes
Subscription - geoQ Yes
Subscription - csf Yes
Subscription - isActive Yes
Subscription - notification Yes
Subscription - expires Yes
Subscription - throttling Yes
POST /subscriptions Yes
GET /subscriptions No
GET /subscriptions/{subscriptionId} No
PATCH /subscriptions/{subscriptionId} No
DELETE /subscriptions/{subscriptionId} No
HTTP notifications No
MQTT notifications Yes
Temporal: Implemented
(Experimental stage, only via system attributes createdAt, modifiedAt) Limited
Registry API : Implemented
(Not using registry or context source registrations) ComDeX advertisement discovery
Context API: Implemented
POST /jsonldContexts NO
GET /jsonldcontexts NO
GET /jsonldcontexts/{contextId} NO
DELETE /jsonldcontexts/{contextId} NO
Last updated on 8 Jun 2023
Published on 8 Jun 2023